I Want To Welcome You All

Back in 2005 or so I vividly remember reading certain LiveJournals and thought how cool it was to see a JOURNAL of a pro wrestler. It stuck with me because it’s very insightful on the thoughts of us insomnia-ridden athletes. To read what a certain wrestler was thinking after he just came home from a grueling road trip to a show aT 3:30 a.m was oddly intriguing to me. I always reflect on how I viewed wrestling when I was a fan and how it made me feel and try to incorporate that into my life. I hope to accomplish the same thing with this. It may be a bit backwards with more direct social outlets but a las.

Nowadays we have certain social media giants to publicize that. The downside is there are limits on twitter and Facebook seem to have people who have their panties in such a tight knot that they are easily offended if you capitalized the first letter of a word after a coma.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be using both. One may be updated more than the other. Regardless, atleast you can see the upstart of my career from here and on ward until one day a fan makes my own website for me! Then I know I’ve made it!