Recent shows and updates

Wow, what a great weekend. I left Texas for Cassidy Riley’s Supershow in Oak Grove, Louisiana. The show was Saturday  I left Friday to meet up with some family and overall enjoyed the drive up there. The show its self was fantastic. Top to bottom and the production was great. It drew legit over 600 people which is great! I think it’s the start of a big time promotion. Matt Hardy, Robbie E, Al Snow, Chase Stevens were among the people booked and we even seen the follow match up with Matt Hardy against Luke Hawx which was great. I wrestled Steve Anthony who is an absolute (no pun intended) beast. I can’t help if the crowd is jealous of someone like me but it set them off and they were hot. Thankful for Riley and John bringing me up, cool dudes as the blonde from Full House would say. Afterwards, me and Rob went and ate with Al and Matt. Great people really.  If you ever share a locker room with Al Snow, sit around and listen. Beyond the invaluable advice he gives for wrestling, his stories are hilarious. Me and Rob drove back to Texas and had a great time. Dude is a straight hustler and he’s a great guy who gives some of the best advice.

Sometimes, I reflect on situations I’m in and I’m always like “My life is so weird and great at the same time!” That’s what it’s all about, life experience and just enjoying the company with some down to earth people. As far as site updates go, I’ll be adding a Merch section soon as I got my T-Shirts in! SCORE.

I added a pic from the show.